Coding and Clinical Support

ICD-10 Training for Coders and Auditors

Our ICD-10 trainers use AHIMA training material in combination with your team’s knowledge level and needs to customize the training content to ensure a comprehensive training program that will be internalized by the team members and make their jobs easier! Contact us today to find out how we can help your team become more comfortable with ICD-10 coding.

ICD-10 for Ancillary Healthcare Staff

The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 was a difficult one for many. However, we are finding that some of the healthcare sector needs customized support to ensure they can do their jobs effectively. While most coders became certified in October of 2015, many of the downstream staff have not been included in the extensive training received by the coders. Many data analysts and ancillary staff that work with healthcare data need support to transition as well. Our ICD-10 trainers use AHIMA training material in combination with your team’s job description and needs to customize the training content and ensure a comprehensive training program that will be internalized by the team members.

Audit and Compliance Services

With the increased scrutiny on compliance and push towards individual accountability, many of our clients are looking for solutions that can help them identify areas of risk and help size the problems. Our experts are skilled in the art of audit and compliance and can assist you with developing a comprehensive program to ensure your organization is identifying individual involved in misconduct timely or provide assistance with audits and corrective action plans. Whether your concerns are related to coding, billing, level of care, or clinical issues, we have an expert that can help. Contact us to see how we can help!

Support and Education

We are experts in coding and billing. Our experts understand everything from what codes should be applied on a CMS-1450 vs a CMS-1500 to reimbursement systems and contracts. We have provided education on ICD-9, ICD-10, coding topics, billing forms, and even clinical concepts. Our clinical education’s goal is to ensure your coders and/or auditors can recognize compliant documentation and scrutinize for coding accuracy. If you have a specialized education or training need, call us to see how we can work with you to create a training program to meet your needs.

Facility Concurrent Utilization Review and Clinical Documentation Improvement

Our clinical experts have years of experience working within facilities and for health plans helping to secure fair and accurate payment for quality healthcare services. Whether you need assistance performing concurrent utilization reviews using Milliman and Interqual , clinical documentation improvement support or physician education, we can help. Let our experts help your team realize accurate level of care, coding and reimbursement.

Payment and Billing Accuracy Audits

Are you a health plan or special investigative unit (SIU) struggling to understand why you are seeing a year over year increase in cost of services in a given area or why a provider is getting paid for what is documented in the record. We can help! Often times providers have coded or billed the claim incorrectly leading to inaccurate payments. Our experts can help you review the documentation and educate your team on what to look for and why something is occurring.  Give us a call to day to discuss your challenges.

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