Types of Cases

QuiTam Cases

Allegiant Experts LOVE our QuiTam cases and relators! We have experience working with healthcare fraud attorneys, trial attorneys, government attorneys, experts and relators to provide expert reports, testimony and a multitude of other services to support these specialized cases. Call us today to find out how we can help!

Hospital & Medical Malpractice Cases (Adults and Pediatrics)

Fortunately, most doctors and nurses are good at their jobs; however, there are instances when being good isn’t good enough and accidents occur. When facilities, doctors and/or nurses fail to follow proper procedures, patients can be injured.  Our experts can help support your compliance assessment or litigation review and ensure you have the complete and accurate facts of the events.

Quality of Care and Wrongful Death

Our clinicians are registered nurses and physicians who have practiced in their field of expertise and in most cases also have experience reviewing for quality of care and negligence resulting in protracted treatment and care, injury or even death. Let us help you untangle the medical documentation and spotlight any inappropriate or negligent practices that your team should be alerted to. Our experts perform compliance, quality, pre-litigation and litigation review service.

Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Health Insurance Fraud Cases

Our experts are skilled clinicians, coders and investigators, who cull the medical records, ancillary documents and claims data for the truth. We support both plaintiff and defendant attorney in determining the strengths and weaknesses of each case. Whether you want to know if something went wrong or right, let us help determine the merits of the case and help shed light on whether the facts suggest waste, negligence or intent.

Workman's Compensation, Auto and Personal Injury Cases

What are the damages and are they related to the accident?  What is the prognosis and long term impact to the injured party? These are questions we can help answer after reviewing your case.  We assist you and your team in determining the value of each case. Working for both plaintiff and defense attorneys on injury cases has provided our experts with unique insights and the advantage of knowing the strategies for both sides.

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