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Pam Taylor

Administrative Assistant

As the Administrative Assistant for Allegiant Experts, Pam Taylor works to establish a solid foundation for every case, beginning with the first client contact at intake to the conclusion of each case.  This attention to detail assures all the client and pertinent case information is organized so the team has the information they need to accomplish their tasks.  Productive collaboration is essential to the success of Allegiant Experts and Pam knows that by assisting team members with smaller tasks, she provides them with opportunity to focus on bigger, more complex work.  

Pam brings with her approximately 35 years of experience in administrative support ranging from small nonprofit organizations to larger corporations such as CNN Television. Pam is a certified medical secretary who understands that her varied and eclectic employment skills have provided her the experience to work with the diverse team of experts at Allegiant Experts.  She describes herself as determined, and is committed to making sure each job is completed successfully: “It’s not done till it’s done right!”

In her spare time, Pam pursues her passion of animal rescue by working to re-home the pets of terminally ill patients.

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