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Employees and patients held accountable for ambulance fraud

Ambulance owner, employees and beneficiaries plead guilty in Health Care Fraud Scheme

Fritzroy Brown, one of four employees at Brotherly Love Ambulance was sentence Wednesday to a 37-month prison term for his collaborating in a healthcare fraud scheme that resulted a total over 4 million dollars in losses to Medicare. Brotherly Love Ambulance Inc., transported patients by ambulance when those patients could have been transported safely by other means and as such were not eligible for ambulance services reimbursement under Medicare and Medicaid requirements. In addition, Brown and his co-conspirators, which included the owner and 3 other employees plead guilty to bribing patients to sign for services that were not necessary and recruit other patients.

Four Medicare beneficiaries involved in the scheme have also plead guilty to taking kickbacks from Brotherly Love. Craig Brown, Derrick Brown, William Conner, and Keisha Regusters, each received payments in the form of cash, checks, or other valuable items, in order to induce them to take unnecessary ambulance rides from Brotherly Love ambulances or signed paperwork which allowed Brotherly Love to bill for ambulance services that were never provided, or to recruit other patients for medically unnecessary ambulance transport.  One of the beneficiaries, Craig Brown, also plead guilty to making false statements to federal investigators about receiving money from Brotherly Love for ambulance services.

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