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Power To The Patients Releases New “Estimates Are Bull****” PSA

Power To The Patients is an innovative nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that strongly champions the rights of patients all across the United States. They adamantly oppose the concept of estimates when it comes to healthcare costs and have released a number of public service announcements declaring their cause.


They encourage all Americans to join their movement by sharing their stories and demanding real, transparent hospital prices. “It’s now our right by law to see upfront prices in healthcare, so we can compare and save,” insists their website, “But most hospitals are still hiding their prices. So we must demand them. It’s our health. It’s our money to save.”


Power To The Patients just released a new PSA.


The Allegiant Experts team firmly stands behind Power To The Patients and its messages about transparent healthcare pricing. We are particularly big fans of their most recent PSA.  Entitled “Estimates are Bull****”, the spot comically opens up on three hardware store employees.


“You know how we’ll drive profits?” asks Alex (as identified by his name tag), who appears to be the store manager, “We’ll show customers a low estimated price and then charge them something much higher.” “Like a hospital,” replies Allison. “Like an insurance company,” adds her co-worker. “Yes”, confirms Alex. “Genius,” Allison remarks. “Is that even legal?” their co-worker asks. Check out the entire PSA HERE!


Estimates are Bull****.


This is the strong message that Power To The Patients is sending to both hospitals and insurance companies. Their new PSA makes it clear that we would never accept estimates from any other industry. In the spot, there are various fictional instances of gas stations, movie theaters and barber shops listing their prices as estimates. As far as Power To The Patients is concerned, such a practice is deceitful. We couldn’t agree more.


“It’s totally fraudulent and it’s forcing Americans into debt, bankruptcy, and despair,” declares their recent newsletter. It goes on to inform that veteran hip-hip artist, Fat Joe is a Power to the Patients Ambassador. He recently visited Washington, D.C. to continue advocating for Congress to strengthen and expand healthcare price transparency rules.


“We’re telling the insurance companies and we’re telling the hospitals: you guys made a ton of money off of Americans,” Joe said during an interview with CBS News’ Major Garrett, “We woke up. We want to see the prices. We don’t want an estimate because the new term they’re bringing out is, ‘No, we’ll give you an estimate.’ Well, what is an estimate? Why can’t you just tell us the prices like everyone else?”


The PSA delivers an incredibly important message.


The 30-second spot is very entertaining in its comedic way of delivering its message. However, the message is certainly no laughing matter. As Power To The Patients note in their press release about the PSA, it “underscores the need for systemwide healthcare price transparency by showing how consumers in other industries would react if businesses adopted the hospital and insurer model of estimated prices and surprise bills.”


Kevin Morra is the co-founder of Power to the Patients. “This latest PSA attacks the ongoing unethical practice of hospitals and insurers rigging the healthcare system with hidden prices and estimates,” he explains, “While this portrayal of our rigged healthcare system includes levity, there is nothing humorous about more than 100 million Americans struggling with medical debt. It's time for lawmakers in Washington, and in states across the country, to step up and end this exploitation.”

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