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Texas Podiatrist Agrees To $90,000 Settlement To Resolve False Billing Claims

Welcome to the first Allegiant Experts blog of 2023! On behalf of our entire team, we hope you all had an incredible holiday season. As well, we wish you a very happy new year! May 2023 be your most joyous and successful year to date. As always, our team is here to help in any way we can. This is especially true for those who have questions about and/or are contending with a healthcare-related legal issue.

We know that healthcare isn’t simple. That’s why Allegiant Experts bridges the disciplines of coding, billing, medicine and law to ensure your team's success. Healthcare audits, compliance, and investigations require a broad and deep understanding of various disciplines to uncover the facts. Our experts work together as a specialized team whose professional contributions are critical to uncovering the correct course and achieving a successful outcome.

Texas podiatrist agrees to $90,000 settlement regarding false billing allegations.

The Allegiant Experts team is also committed to shedding light on the various examples of healthcare fraud that take place throughout our nation. Our blog has long examined stories involving medical practitioners from all walks of life. It has proven that healthcare fraud comes in all forms and is a constant problem in our country. The first healthcare fraud story of 2023 comes to us via the state of Texas.

As reported by the Southern District of Texas branch of the United States Department of Justice yesterday, a 39 year-old podiatrist, Dr. Amr El-Khashab has agreed to pay $90,000 to settle claims of false billings. Podiatrists are also commonly known as “foot doctors”. They specialize in helping people to contend with a variety of mobility issues, relieving pain and treating infections of the feet and lower legs.

El-Khashab is based in Cypress, Texas.

He was accused of submitting false claims for the placement of electro-acupuncture devices. El-Khashab was formerly employed by another podiatrist, Dr. Judith Rubin. He allegedly worked with his employer to falsely bill Medicare between March 1, 2018 and November 30, 2019. The billings were for the surgical implantation of neurostimulator electrodes. These are invasive procedures that usually require the use of an operating room. As a result, Medicare is known to pays thousands of dollars per procedure.

“However, neither Rubin nor El-Khashab performed these surgical procedures,” reports the DoJ, “Instead, patients received devices used for electro-acupuncture, which only involves inserting needles into patients’ ears and taping the neurostimulator behind them with an adhesive.”

Rubin previously entered into an $865,000 settlement to address these allegations.

The 67-year-old resolved her allegations back in April of 2022. El-Khashab’s case is actually the ninth case the Southern District of Texas has resolved for similar conduct. “The other matters included settlements with a Katy anesthesiologist, Houston pain doctor, Rockport chiropractor, Houston chiropractor, Laredo pain doctor, The Woodlands pain doctor and Cypress marketing representative,” reports the DoJ.

Are you an attorney who is currently working a healthcare fraud case?

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