Litigation Support

Expert Witness Testimony

We provide expert witnesses who by virtue of education, training, skill, and experience, have expertise and specialized knowledge in many and have deposition experience. Areas of expertise include:

– Nursing Practices and Standards
– Clinical Coding and Documentation
– Medical Necessity and Level of Care
– Medical Malpractice

Expert Support and Education

Our experts are knowledgeable and love to share that knowledge with their clients. We apply our knowledge and understanding of medical, nursing, coding, billing and health-related issues to make your job easier, more efficient and more effective. Our experts are medical insiders who knows the inner workings of our complicated healthcare system firsthand, and have often worked at insurance companies, hospitals and physician’s offices. Let us help you and your team make the most of the medical and claims documents.

Clinical Investigations and Interviews

Our nursing experts are skilled in the art of investigations and interviews. We can assist you with screening cases, investigations, identification of fraud schemes and trends, interviews, case coordination and formulate deposition, trial questions and interrogatories. We possess extensive experience in medical record review and analysis and the advanced training necessary to recognize what may be missing in the chart, replaced in the chart, or when a chart has been altered significantly. In addition, we can assist in identifying the minimum requirements dictated by industry standards and payer policies.

Medical Record Review

Our experts can assist you with your case by interpreting the medical record and empowering you with the knowledge you need. We will review and analyze medical records, detect tampering in medical records, offer assistance with demonstrative evidence, evaluate medical information, and provide professional nursing opinions regarding the causation of injuries and the assessment of damages to individuals. We can also review coding and billing records in conjunction with the medical records to determine if there are any other aberrancies that warrant further scrutiny. Our experts can summarize, translate, and interpret relevant medical records, hospital policies and…

Level of Care and Medical Necessity

Our experts can assist you in determining if the right care was provided, at the right time, at the place (level of care) and was coded and billed correctly. We use clinical review judgement, industry standards and industry criterion to determine whether a health care service was submitted correctly and that all services were appropriate and reasonable and necessary.

Timelines and Chronologies

To help you understand the information in your case records, let us complete a timeline, comprehensive chronology or medical summary. A comprehensive timeline is an effective way to identify all the issues and damages in your case. We have the ability to provide any report to fit the needs of your case.

Additional Services

Our experts can provide many services to help you be successful. If you do not see the services that you need listed, we would be happy to discuss your specific needs and customized an approach that will ensure success!
  • Organize, tab and paginate medical records.
  • Screen or investigate cases for merit.
  • Identify and recommend potential defendants.
  • Conduct literature searches and integrate the literature and standards/guidelines into the case analysis.
  • Research and analyze the validity of research studies relied on by all parties.
  • Coordinate and attend independent medical examinations (IMEs).
  • Expand the attorney’s medical library.
  • Interview plaintiff and defense clients, key witnesses and experts.
  • Consult with healthcare providers.
  • Serve as liaison between the attorney and healthcare providers, testifying experts, parties, witnesses and other consultants.
  • Work with experts and other witnesses.
  • Locate and interface with expert witnesses.
  • Communicate with potential testifying experts.
  • Analyze and compare expert witness reports and other work products.
  • Help prepare witnesses and experts for deposition and trial.
  • Assist with discovery and preparation for court.
  • Review, analyze and summarize depositions, including past testimony.
  • Assist in exhibit preparation.
  • Attend depositions, trials, review panels and arbitration and mediation hearings.
  • Coordinate and assist in facilitating focus groups and mock trials.
  • Assist in resolution of cases through alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation.

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