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healthcare professionals

"Believe you can and you're

halfway there."

Theodore Roosevelt

Allegiant Experts operates as a specialty healthcare consultancy that works to support all aspects of healthcare. Our team of experts effectively and efficiently supports patients, providers, health plans, software companies, and attorneys to navigate the complexities of healthcare coding, billing, and regulations to realize accurate payment for healthcare services.

We stand with you as your authority on healthcare coding, billing, and reimbursement.  Functioning as your expert consultancy, Allegiant Experts allows you time to focus on other matters crucial to your success.

It is our goal to:

  • Develop a team of health care consultants and expert services that impact the cost, efficacy, and quality of healthcare.

  • Serve as the number one source of truth for healthcare cost interpretation.

  • Deliver unsurpassed evaluation and opinion of healthcare cost/pricing/billing interpretation.

  • Work collaboratively as experts in interpreting healthcare billing and supporting whistleblowers to make their case.

  • Positively impact healthcare costs with our services.


Encourage the provision of quality healthcare services at fair and equitable prices.

Everything we do focuses on inclusive, comprehensive, cost-effective healthcare. We coordinate and support courageous whistleblowers who shine a light on fraud, waste, and abuse. We consult with and educate attorneys that fight against wrongful billing practices that negatively impact both individuals and the larger healthcare industry. We mentor healthcare delivery agencies that just want to get their billing right. We identify facts, find the errors, and illuminate the truth at issue. And we do this by keeping you informed at every step in the process, always providing our best and most qualified opinion as we strive to meet your needs.

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