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"I would rather die of passion than of boredom."

Vincent van Gogh

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Scott E. Danner

Kirwan, Spellacy, Danner, Watkins & Brownstein

"Very good job and very professional. Cannot thank you enough, Jessica and Pam. I know you are busy but if you don’t mind I will send you more work if you have the capacity"

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Janene Hill


"Jessica has advised on strategic initiatives with us as well as supported implementation of many of those initiatives. Her breadth and depth of knowledge is reliable, up-to-date, and invaluable. She takes complicated industry concepts and breaks them down for her audiences - recognizing the critical strategic points for one group, while recognizing the critical operational points for another. She manages differing perspectives well and creates a win for all parties, through education and further understanding of sometimes opposing positions. Jessica is engaging and a pleasure to work with!"

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chad walker

Winston & Strawn LLP

“We have hired Allegiant Experts to consult on several high-stakes False Claims Act cases involving allegations of Medicare Fraud. Allegiant has delivered exceptional value on each occasion. Jessica Schmor not only has hard-to-find expertise in Medicare billing and coding issues, but she also has excellent judgment – she consistently demonstrates a broad understanding of case objectives and proactively offers insights and suggestions that add immense strategic value.  Finally, she has a wide range of industry knowledge that often proves invaluable to understanding the substantive issues in a complex case."


"Allegiant Experts is truly a ‘one-stop shop’ for billing and coding analysis (as well as other technical disciplines), and the entire team of highly skilled professionals works tirelessly to meet deadlines and provide highest quality services.  I’ll definitely keep going back to Allegiant again and again for billing/coding expertise and consulting services.”

W&G Sized.png

susan gouinlock
Wilbanks & Gouinlock

"In our False Claims case (settled for $86M), your work was excellent and you were responsive and creative in finding solutions to potential challenges in the litigation."

"Your reports were well organized and forceful and made our defeat of the inevitable Daubert challenge to your expertise an easy task."

Optima Resized.png


"Jessica was a leader in the SIU department and helped guide other investigators. Jessica's insight into fraud and abuse helped save millions of dollars."

Navigant Resized.jpg

Lisa Bragg
Navigant Consulting

"Jessica is a goal-directed, motivated candidate that is sure to add value to your company. Aside from her extensive knowledge, she is able to manage team transitions in a focused and diligent manner, while at the same time manage the people aspects of change."

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