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Your search for a healthcare expert ends here!

Let's face it... 
Healthcare is not simple!
Allegiant Experts bridges the disciplines of coding, billing, medicine, and law to ensure your team's success. Healthcare audits, compliance, and investigations require a broad and deep understanding of various disciplines to uncover the facts. Our experts work together as a specialized team whose professional contributions are critical to uncovering the correct course and achieving a successful outcome.

legal and compliance support

Legal Support

In today’s highly technical, fast-paced, and information-dense world, it is impossible to know the answer to every question you or your client may have.

What is important is the ability to access relevant and reliable information. As your coding experts and clinical care auditors, we provide that bridge for you.

When you incorporate the team at Allegiant Experts, you are better able to focus attention solely on the legal aspects of your case with the assurance we will always come through for you with accurate, well-researched, and supported expert opinions and clinical care audits.

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Medical Billing Support.jpg

Medical Billing Support

Let Allegiant Experts review your medical bills, insurance explanation of benefits, and medical records for accuracy. We offer providers the assurance you are capturing the highest compensation for your healthcare services. We also help you make well-informed decisions on fee schedules, fee policies, auditing, and compliance with established fee structures.   


We assist attorneys by evaluating medical bills and records to support the fair market value for provider payment, expert rebuttal, mediation, or expert testimony regarding the value of the services rendered. 


We empower healthcare consumers who may need assistance creating a medical bill payment plan. Allegiant Experts regularly works with medical providers and lien holders to negotiate further discounts. 

compliance support.jpg

Compliance Support

COVID-19 and the rapid expansion of telehealth create many changes and challenges for 2021. The Allegiant Experts team is proficient in the latest coding and compliance updates. Whether you need a better understanding of the new coding and billing requirements or are unsure of how to implement them, we can help.


Monitoring proper reimbursement and preventing possible healthcare fraud are just two reasons to engage in an effective and comprehensive compliance program. At Allegiant Experts, we help you address potential problems, identify vulnerabilities, and clarify guidelines in your ongoing effort to establish and maintain the highest compliance standards.

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Audit Support (1).jpg

Audit Support

Each year, medical claims errors result in incorrect payments upwards of ten billion dollars. Accurate medical auditing is an essential component in delivering precise, useful, effective documentation. By uncovering areas of noncompliance, auditing resolves unawareness or inexperience with reimbursement processes and payer guidelines. Audits not only detect incorrect coding but also help avoid coding errors from being repeated.

Whether you are a physician, a member of a health care team, or a payer, the Allegiant Experts team of skilled auditors is ready to help you better understanding the medical record, abstracting medical codes, and compliance procedures in order to maintain correct coding policies.

Education and Training Support.jpg

Education and Training Support

At Allegiant Experts, we are committed to building a community of knowledge to facilitate better decisions in order to improve healthcare quality and cost-effectiveness. Allegiant Experts strives to be a part of the solution by ensuring we all have a basic knowledge of how healthcare works.

We love coaching and training our clients and provide educational services to help your team effectively evaluate healthcare claims:

  • We assist providers and their teams improve the revenue cycle and capture the highest reimbursement while remaining compliant.

  • We help attorneys become more astute about coding and compliance and thus more valuable to their clients.

We offer a complimentary case assessment to help determine if our services and team are a great fit for your case.








Allegiant Experts operates as a specialty healthcare consultancy that works to support all aspects of healthcare. Our team of experts effectively and efficiently supports patients, providers, health plans, software companies, and attorneys to navigate the complexities of healthcare coding, billing, and regulations to realize accurate payment for healthcare services.

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