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Brad Schmor Photo 1.jpg
Brad Schmor


Vice President and Consulting Expert

Brad Schmor is a problem solver.  He doesn’t just look at “what numbers are,” but instead examines the relationships and patterns that produce the data, transforming those findings from mere information into knowledge. He uses his eyes for detail to assist the Allegiant Experts team as they investigate solutions for clients. He has performed extensive data analytics work for health plans, mediation of contract disputes, the Department of Justice, and qui tam actions and produced methods of fee schedule calculation and audit worksheets for auditors to use in order to transform findings into reports.

Prior to joining Allegiant Experts, Brad Schmor worked in industrial chemistry as a medicinal chemist engaged in drug design and development. For the past 12 years, he has worked in the areas of medical data analysis, pricing methodology, and regulatory research. His scientific background, training, and expertise allow him to approach data analysis and problem-solving in unique ways.

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