Elin Kunz

ICD-10 Trainer

Coding Consultant

Elin brings both breadth and depth to her role as a coding consultant for Allegiant Experts.  Her career spans more than 20 years providing her experience in compliance, auditing, and physician practice oversight. In that time, Elin has delivered training across a broad spectrum for physicians, managers, and billing staff – including documentation requirements, coding, billing, claim preparation, reimbursement, regulatory compliance, and CDM maintenance.

She has hands-on experience providing chart reviews for coding and compliance, with emphasis on E/M Physician Audits and Education. Her understanding of finance and compliance regulations have given her opportunity to design and implement of coding reimbursement, compliance policies, and audit programs for physician practices.

Elin is an active speaker and author, presenting both to numerous CME Events across the country to help large hospitals and small practices alike identify and prevent healthcare fraud.  She also consults with them on how best to build and evaluate compliance programs; conduct compliance program risk analysis to assess effectiveness; and evaluate medical chart documentation.