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Health Care Nurse’s Neglect Leads To Death Of A Disabled Minor

Readers of the Allegiant Experts Blog are very well aware of our position on health care fraud and medical misconduct. The two epidemics, if you will, are abhorrent. Our team of clinical experts continually readies itself to assist all attorneys who require its assistance for cases where perpetrators of health care fraud and medical misconduct are being tried. Our objective is to not to take specific sides, but to provide our expertise on nursing practice and the health care system so that justice is always served.

You can imagine, however, our personal attachment to certain cases. Those that result in injuries, illnesses and death are particularly troubling. Health care fraud isn’t just about bilking money from insurance programs. In many cases, the actions of fraudsters inflict bodily harm, whether they are intentional or not. A recent report from the Southern District of Ohio branch of the United States Department of Justice provides such an unfortunate example.

Just last week, 47 year-old, Mollie Parsons of Middletown, Ohio was sentenced to three years in prison for health care fraud related charges related to the death of a severely physically disabled minor. The report notes that she had already been sentenced to 10 years in prison for her role in the death of that patient. According to the report, “her federal sentence will be served consecutive to her state one. She is also banned from working for any governmental entity in the healthcare field for life.”

Between 2009 and 2011, Parsons worked as a home health care nurse for the minor who suffered from severe physical disabilities. She was paid through Medicaid to provide her nursing services on a daily basis. Her responsibilities included the nursing of wounds, personal hygiene upkeep and assistance with feeding. The young patient she cared for was unable to communicate as the child was completely paralyzed and depended on feeding tubes to eat.

Parsons, however, was quite negligent. She was required to work eight-hour shifts to provide her nursing services for her patient. However, she regularly failed to show up for work. She also spent a great deal of time outside of the home of the patient she was supposed to be caring for, even when she did show up for work. To cover up her negligence, Parsons submitted false claims to Medicaid in order to continue receiving payments for her services.

Benjamin C. Glassman is the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio. During his announcement of Parsons’ sentencing, he was pretty candid about his opinion of the defendant’s actions. He commended the investigation that led to her additional sentencing.

“Parsons’ actions directly undermined the purpose for which Medicaid compensated her – providing medical care to a severely disabled child – as she deprived a child with cerebral palsy of the most basic medical care and comfort,” said Glassman, “The state prosecution served as the primary mechanism to address and punish the child victim’s death, but could not address the fraud against Medicaid. This federal prosecution therefore provides accountability for her fraudulent conduct as it relates to Medicaid.”

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