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Allegiant Experts is a specialty healthcare consultancy that works to support all aspects of healthcare. Our team of experts supports patients, providers, health plans, software companies, and attorneys to navigate healthcare coding, billing, and documentation policy, guidance, and regulations in order to ensure acute payment and data capture.


"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it."


Henry Ford

Jessica Schmor Photo.png

Areas of Expertise

  • Testifying Expert

  • Healthcare Fraud Investigations

  • ​Facility and Provider Compliance

  • Billing and Reimbursement

  • ICD-9/10 and DRG Trainer

  • Utilization Review

  • Coding

  • Contract Compliance

  • Revenue Cycle Trainer

Jessica S. Schmor

rn, cpc, ccs, CPB, chcaf, ahfi, clnc

President and Expert Witness

Founder of Allegiant Experts, Jessica Schmor is a registered nurse, certified coder, and accredited healthcare fraud investigator with over 20 years of experience working in healthcare. She understands the impact that access to quality healthcare services has on patients, providers, and the healthcare system as a whole, drawing from her experience working in both the Canadian and American healthcare systems. Jessie launched Allegiant Experts with a vision of supporting good quality healthcare at an affordable price for all Americans. That same passion and commitment drive her and Allegiant Experts in advocating for just practices and accountability throughout the industry. Jessie utilizes her extensive expertise and specialized training to consult on medical-related legal cases.


Clients include attorneys, compliance officers, patients, health plans, and providers who depend on her skill and proficiency to help them better understand healthcare coding and billing in order to resolve conflicts and ensure ongoing access to good quality care at a fair price.  Jessie analyzes complex medical information and renders informed opinions in medical-legal matters and healthcare issues to achieve the best results for clients.


Jessie is an Accredited Healthcare Fraud Investigator (AHFI) and provides clinical investigation and interviewing services. As a subject matter expert, she has supported cases not only as a clinical consultant but also as a testifying expert for depositions and trials. She has qualified as a coding, billing and documentation expert in Federal Courts and several States such as Florida and Georgia. 

Phil Hargreaves.jpg
Phil Hargreaves

rn, msn, cpc

Clinical Consultant

Phil Hargreaves knows the healthcare industry from the inside. As a registered nurse with over 35 years of clinical experience, Phil began his professional career in Australia and has worked in a variety of clinical environments including critical care, aboriginal community health, and psychiatry care. After moving to the United States, Phil worked for the Veterans Health Administration for 18 years, serving in a variety of clinical and leadership roles. As an ICU nurse manager, he implemented a shared governance approach to unit management and clinical care; at the national level, as director for resuscitation education, Phil developed a process for evaluation of hospital wide ‘code’ responses that led to updates to training and the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation directive.  While acting as special assistant (clinical) to VA Central Office in Washington, DC, he chaired a national review committee for remote cardiac monitoring across the VA facilities that resulted in the creation of new guidelines for telemetry monitoring care within the VHA. 

Additionally, Phil has been involved in clinical information systems, patient safety and clinical documentation reviews at local, regional and national levels. These skills and background provide a unique service to Allegiant Experts’ clients in clinical documentation review, care analysis and application of clinical guidelines. Phil is also a certified medical coder further expanding the scope of medical billing review within Allegiant Experts.

dee soule

bba, mba (health care management), cpc, chca

Coding Consultant

Dee Soule is a certified coder and auditor with 20+ years’ experience who uses her extensive understanding and hands-on training to apply a practical, real-world philosophy to healthcare billing and coding. Beginning her career in admitting for an ER, Dee has intimate knowledge of how medical practices can effectively apply billing/collections to coding for more successful management. She specializes in coding compliance reviews, documentation improvement, HIPAA training, and full office compliance reviews. Dee also concentrates on audit and litigation support services for personal injury protection and fraud cases,

Dee estimates that she has reviewed in excess of a million records over the course of her career. Her enthusiasm remains in helping physicians to “get it right” – to support healthcare professionals to be efficient and elite providers who also are compliant with industry standards for producing quality medical records.

Brad Schmor Photo 1.jpg
brad schmor


Vice President and Healthcare Data Expert

Prior to joining Allegiant Experts, Brad Schmor worked in industrial chemistry as a medicinal chemist engaged in drug design and development. For the past 10 years, he has worked in the areas of medical data analysis, pricing methodology, and regulatory research. His scientific background, training, and expertise allow him to approach data analysis and problem-solving in unique ways.


He doesn’t just look at “what numbers are,” but instead examines the relationships and patterns that produce the data, transforming those findings from mere information into knowledge.

Pam Taylor-Smith
Executive Assistant

Pam Taylor-Smith brings with her approximately 35 years of experience in administrative support ranging from small nonprofit organizations to larger corporations such as CNN Television. Pam is a certified medical secretary who understands that her varied and eclectic employment skills have provided her the experience to work with the diverse team of experts at Allegiant Experts. In her spare time, Pam pursues her passion of animal rescue by working to re-home the pets of terminally ill patients.

As the initial contact person for Allegiant Experts, Pam’s goal is to meet your needs with effective communication, diplomacy, reliability, and the loyalty that you, your staff and your clients deserve.

Codey Head Shot - Final Approved JPG.jpg
Canine Coding Companion

Codey was the smallest of a litter of ten and was at first rejected because he exceeded the utilization limit of his mother. After many delays “10” was finally adopted on Oct. 1, 2015, and then later rehomed with Allegiant Experts where he got his new name…“Codey”.


Codey has been trained in many tasks, such as protecting claims from abusive modifiers, fetching updated code sets, rolling over authentication issues, digging up facts, and, like all good dogs, knowing what the appropriate “place of service” is when it’s time to take care of business.


A retriever, Codey understands the importance of locating and sorting records. While he can’t read, he does assist with shredding from time to time.

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