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A Statement From Allegiant Experts On The Recent Acts Of Gun Violence

The Allegiant Experts team is absolutely devastated about the recent acts of gun violence in our nation. It’s a story that we hear far too often. In truth, one single innocent death at the hands of a shooting is far too many. And yet, here we are, mourning the loss of dozens of lives - many because of the monstrous presence of racism, hatred and bigotry in our country. We’ve more than had enough, but are gutted due to the knowledge that there is likely more to come.

We mourn the victims in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas.

Although you’re surely aware, on May 14th, an 18 year-old who is an open and proud white supremacist walked into a Tops Supermarket in Buffalo, New York. He was prepared to commit mass murder and did just that, mercilessly taking 10 innocent lives from this world. His manifesto made clear he intended to kill many more. We cannot stress enough how immensely senseless and evil it is to hate people and cause them any harm because of their race.

Yesterday, Uvalde, Texas was the scene of yet another school shooting. Another 18 year-old entered Robb Elementary School and did the absolutely unthinkable. As of this writing, 21 lives were taken. We are sickened to know that the majority of his victims were young children. There is nothing in this world that we can imagine as being an even remotely reasonable explanation from such evil.

Gun violence is everywhere.

Make no mistake. These two incidents are from the only acts of unconscionable gun violence that have taken place in recent weeks. In truth, our nation is sadly known for having regular mass shootings as part of its repertoire. This is not a political statement. It’s one that is born out of the simple humanitarian need for such violence to end. We can’t think of a single possible argument that makes it just for such atrocious acts to ever occur again.

We wish we had more comforting words. We wish we could offer those who have been directly affected by these recent tragedies some form of peace. What they’re currently experiencing should never be experienced by anyone. We regularly herald our nation as the greatest on Earth and yet we still can’t find a way to ensure the safety of our children when they attend school. With that said, Allegiant Experts offers its deepest sympathies to those in great pain right now.

Allow us to reiterate our core values.

Allegiant Experts is driven by respect, professionalism, wisdom, commitment, accuracy and results. We also adhere to the principle it isn’t enough to merely speak out against disrespect or discrimination of any kind – we must also actively promote values that foster regard and inclusion. To that end, our expert team evidences our values on a daily basis through written and verbal communications within the team and with our clients. 

Allegiant Experts believes that many of our values are shared by our global community. As such, we support other organizations that strive to promote local, regional and global culture change to enhance the human condition!

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