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Miami Man Gets 4 Years In Prison For Role In Nationwide HIV Drug Scheme

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Miami man sentenced in $16.7 million HIV drug case.


With the last Allegiant Experts blog for 2023, we take a look at yet another healthcare fraud story from our home state. This time around, a Miami-based man has found himself behind bars for the next four-plus years. As reported by the Office of Public Affairs, 43 year-old Armando Herrera was sentenced to four years and three months in prison last week.


On September 25th of this year, Herrera pleaded guilty to his role in a nationwide scheme. He admitted to illegally distributing at least $16.7 million of adulterated HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) drugs. The medications were dispensed to unsuspecting patients throughout the United States.


HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. The condition makes it difficult for your body to fight off illness. There are cells in your blood known as “CD4 cells” or “T cells.” These cells help to protect your body from disease. HIV destroys these cells.


Herrera worked with a team of fraudsters.


As the report details, court documents revealed that Herrera had a team of co-conspirators. Together, they established companies in the states of Florida, Texas, Washington and California. The businesses were used to sell and distribute adulterated prescription drugs to wholesale pharmaceutical suppliers. The medications were primarily HIV medications.


To unfold their scheme, Herrera and his co-conspirators created false documentation. They made it appear as if the drugs were acquired legitimately when, in fact, they were not. “The pharmaceutical suppliers then sold the drugs to pharmacies, which dispensed the adulterated prescription drugs to unwitting patients,” the report details.


Over $1.5 million worth of drugs were seized.


The Office of Public Affairs reports that, as part of the investigation, federal agents seized more than $1.5 million worth of adulterated prescription drugs from Herrera. They included more than 16,000 tablets of adulterated and misbranded HIV medication.


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