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Why Evaluating Your Medical Bills Is Absolutely Crucial

Understanding the importance of evaluating your medical bills cannot be overstated. As you’re surely aware, medical bills can be complex, confusing and, in some cases, riddled with errors or overcharges. Failing to scrutinize them can lead to financial strain, insurance disputes and even unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses.

As admits, “medical billing in the United States can seem like an extremely convoluted process. According to a 2016 public opinion survey conducted by Copatient, around 72% of American consumers are confused by their medical bills, and 94% of consumers have received medical bills they considered to be ‘too expensive’.”

What are the benefits of closely evaluating your medical bills?

You can detect billing errors.

Medical billing errors are surprisingly common. These can include incorrect coding, duplicate charges or charges for services that were never provided. By carefully reviewing your medical bills, you can identify and rectify these errors promptly.

As Stephanie Booth of, reports, a Medical Billing Advocates of America study found that about 80% of medical bills contain errors. By catching these mistakes early, you can avoid paying for services you didn't receive and ensure that your bills accurately reflect the care you received.

You can negotiate lower costs.

In some cases, medical bills may seem unmanageable due to high deductibles, copayments or out-of-pocket expenses. However, many healthcare providers are open to negotiation. By reviewing your bills and discussing your financial situation with your healthcare provider, you may be able to work out a more affordable payment plan or even negotiate lower costs. Being proactive about evaluating your bills can empower you to take charge of your financial health. It’s always a wise choice to explore options for reducing your healthcare expenses.

“If you had surgery or another procedure, it helps to know whether your hospital charged a fair price,” says the AHIMA Foundation, “There are some websites you can use to help you find this information. They use national databases of billed medical services. You enter the name of the procedure and your zip code to find an average or estimated price in your area. If the charge on your bill is higher than the fair price or higher than what other hospitals charge, you can use the information to ask for a lower fee.”

You can ensure proper insurance coverage.

Understanding your medical bills also helps you verify that your insurance company has correctly processed your claims. It's not uncommon for insurance providers to make errors or overlook covered services. If you notice discrepancies between your bills and your insurance coverage, you can address these issues with your insurance company to ensure that you receive the benefits you're entitled to.

Failure to evaluate your bills can lead to delayed insurance payments, denied claims or coverage gaps that may leave you responsible for significant medical expenses.

How can Allegiant Experts help you?

The Legal Support provided by the Allegiant Experts team has assisted many cases involving the evaluation of medical bills. Our experts work diligently to determine the usual and customary charges for like providers in specific geographic areas and fair market value reimbursement for like providers in the same geographic area. For more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 407-217-5831. You may also email us at

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