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New York Ambulette Company Owners Plead Guilty To Kickback Scheme

First and foremost, we would like to express our gladness about our fellow Floridians having escaped the brunt of Hurricane Dorian. While it is always wise, of course, to prepare for the worst-case scenario, we’re happy that our great state was able to avoid any major catastrophe. The Allegiant Experts team is heartbroken, however, to have learned of the destruction caused in the Bahamas.

Reports today list the current death toll at 30. We’re truly saddened for both these losses of life and the unimaginable damage that has been inflicted on the island. While we feel helpless, we’d like to offer a way that we can all lend our support. Please donate what you can to the Bahamas Red Cross. There is no such thing as too little a donation.

Of course, we’re always concerned about health, here at Allegiant Experts.

It’s one of the reasons we pay such close attention to the medical field and in particular, the instances of health care fraud and medical misconduct that often occur within it. This week, a story about a pair of New York-based ambulette company owners caught our attention.

To be clear, ambulances and ambulettes aren’t exactly one and the same. Ambulances, as you’re likely aware, are emergency vehicles, equipped with medical supplies and equipment, that are used to transport patients to treatment facilities for immediate attention. Ambulettes are vans that are used to transport individuals in non-emergency situations. Those with physical limitations and disabilities often make use of ambulettes.

Brooklyn father and son team plead guilty to kickback scheme.

The father and son team of 60 year-old, Igor Radinovskiy and 37 year-old, Aleksandr Radinovskiy made use of their ambulette company to benefit from a kickback scheme. The Brooklyn-based duo pleaded guilty, earlier this week, to one count of conspiracy to offer and pay health care kickbacks and one count of conspiracy to defraud the lawful functions of the IRS. Their sentencing hasn’t yet been scheduled.

As reported by the United States Department of Justice, the two defendants were the co-owners and officers of the ambulette company, Sabe Ambulette Services Inc. It did business, however, as Mobility Transportation. According to court filings, the Radinovskiys participated in a conspiracy in which they paid more than $8.6 million in kickbacks to co-conspirator companies that were not enrolled in the Medicaid program.

The kickbacks were paid, says the DoJ report, “for the referral of beneficiaries recruited by those co-conspirators, so that Sabe Ambulette could falsely bill Medicaid as if Sabe had transported those beneficiaries to various clinics in Brooklyn and Queens. The defendants then falsely reported to the IRS that the illegal kickback payments were legitimate business expenses, which caused relevant tax forms to falsely under-report business income and claim deductions.”

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