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Pro Bono Legal Services Available To Victims Of Pulse Shooting

As the world over knows, the great State of Florida very sadly endured a terrible tragedy earlier this month. On the night of June 12th, a gunman opened fire on attendees of Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. With the taking of 49 innocent lives, the United States experienced its worst mass shooting in history. We, here at Allegiant Experts, are absolutely stunned and heartbroken about the completely senseless loss of life.

Those gathered at Pulse on the night of the 12th were simply attending with aspirations of enjoying a fun night among those who shared their same positive energy, verve for life, love of music and adoration for each other. That such hate still exists in the world is a major understatement.

The Allegiant Experts team, however, would like to communicate the opposite message. We’re aware that there are truly no adequate words of comfort for the many families and friends who have lost their loved ones. Nevertheless, we wish to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to all of those who have been affected by this senseless tragedy. To all of the families and friends of the victims, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

We’re very well aware that the offering of thoughts and prayers during times like these are both commonplace and not as comforting as the well-wishers intend. We understand that during these critical times of need, families of victims are experiencing a great deal of emotional anguish, confusion and shock. They likely have many questions about who to turn to for help. So, Allegiant Experts is pleased to announce that help is available.

The Orange County Bar Association has set up an emergency pro bono legal fund to assist victims and families of victims with any legal issues that have stemmed from this tragedy. We’d like to let victims and their families know that they may reach out to the OCBA to get referrals for pro bono legal services by calling 407-422-4537. We sincerely hope that this will provide some measure of ease and support during this very tough time.

Admittedly, the team, here at Allegiant Experts, is very saddened by this recent tragedy, and the fact that it occurred so close to home truly has us rattled. While we have strong feelings about all of the press given the perpetrator of this horrific crime, we’d prefer to focus the attention on the innocent lives that were taken. Please visit the Orlando Sentinel website to learn more about the victims.

The publication is offering those who knew the victims the opportunity to contact reporters in order to provide more detailed information about their lost loved ones. We feel that it’s important that a stronger focus be placed on the innocent victims, and with that, we express again our sincere regret that such a horrible tragedy has taken place.

If we can be of any further service to those who require information about pro bono legal services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 407-217-5831.

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