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Statement From Allegiant Experts

The Allegiant Experts team joins so many other Americans in feeling a great deal of hurt at the moment. Needless to say, we’re enduring what can arguably be defined as the toughest time in our lives. As we continue to battle through the coronavirus pandemic, we’re also faced with a major divide in our nation. This divide is generated by shocking and blatant acts of racism, hatred and bigotry. It’s time for us all to take a firm public stance against it.

The tragic loss of life suffered by George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota last week reinvigorated the conversation about anti-black racism. It has also served as a reminder that while our police forces are here to protect and serve us all, they need to be held accountable when they fail to do so and act in ways that do not commensurate with their responsibilities. To everyone else who is hurting across the country right now, we feel your pain and support your plight for justice and equality.

Our message today is one of love and peace.

Our entire team strongly believes in a “love thy neighbor” policy. It is one that is devoid of passing judgment on any individual based on his or her race, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation or physical appearance. While this may be difficult to do, at the moment, we’re reminded daily about the many wonderful things about the human race that do, in fact, make us human.

The entire COVID-19 crisis, for example, has elicited many incredible acts of generosity, thoughtfulness and compassion. We regularly hear about stories involving complete strangers who have become friends in the wake of the pandemic. Today, neighbors are buying each other groceries, providing each other with everyday living necessities and even stopping by to say “hello” while maintaining social distancing.

Let’s keep the love going.

Offering such acts of love and compassion is what so many Americans are begging for others to do. It’s only right and fair for people of color to receive the same basic treatment as everyone else. And when people of color are treated with disdain, contempt and maliciousness – for no other reason than their ethnicities and physical appearances – that is unfair. It is wrong. It is unjust. And it is unacceptable.

We’ve reached a time in our history when many uncomfortable conversations need to be had. In order for us to live in a world where we are all treated with the same senses of love, compassion and respect, we can’t be afraid to call into question those who exhibit signs of racial prejudice and hatred. Nothing will change overnight. But being committed to spreading your own “love thy neighbor” message will help for steps in the right direction to be taken by us all.

On behalf of the entire Allegiant Experts team, our hearts go out to the Floyd family.

We can’t imagine the pain you’re in. We would also like to offer our sincere condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one due to the presence of systemic racism. We must be better than this. We will be better than is. We hope that by working together for a better future, it will come sooner than later.

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