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St. Louis Doctor Indicted For Illegal Xanax Prescriptions

If you’ve ever heard of the drug, Xanax, you’re likely aware that it is generally described to individuals who suffer from mental health issues. Also known as alprazolam, Xanax is known to enhance the activity of certain neurotransmitters in the brain. As explains, “Xanax is also used to treat panic disorders with or without a fear of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness, or embarrassment (agoraphobia).”

Xanax may be habit-forming.

The website makes something else abundantly clear. “It is dangerous to purchase Xanax on the Internet or outside the United States,” it alerts, “The sale and distribution of medicines outside the U.S. does not comply with safe-use regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These medications may contain dangerous ingredients, or may not be distributed by a licensed pharmacy.”

The warnings issued by don’t stop there. The site also strongly highlights the fact that misusing Xanax can result in addiction, overdose and/or death. Mixing the drug with alcohol, opioids and other drugs can also produce fatal side effects. The website cautions people against selling or giving away Xanax for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is against the law. Secondly, it can clearly cause significant harm. also makes it particularly clear that Xanax should be avoided at all costs during pregnancy. “If you use Xanax while you are pregnant, your baby could become dependent on the drug,” warns the website, “This can cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms in the baby after it is born. Babies born dependent on habit-forming medicine may need medical treatment for several weeks.”

Dr. Matthew Steven Miller has been charged with illegally prescribing Xanax.

As reported by the Eastern District of Missouri branch of the United States Department of Justice last week, the St. Louis-based doctor has been indicted. According to the DoJ, Miller was issued a 13-count indictment on August 18th. He is charged with illegally prescribing controlled substances and other related offenses.

“At the time Dr. Miller allegedly committed these offenses, he was licensed to practice medicine in Missouri, Michigan, and New Jersey,” reads the DoJ report, “The indictment alleges that Dr. Miller illegally prescribed Xanax to five individuals with whom Dr. Miller did not have a doctor-patient relationship.”

Dr. Miller was not licensed to prescribe Xanax.

It also alleged that Dr. Miller was not licensed by the Missouri Bureau of Narcotic and Dangerous Drugs to prescribe Xanax. As well, the indictment accuses him of never having examined the five individuals to determine whether or not they had a medical need for Xanax.

“The indictment additionally alleges that the Xanax that was obtained through the issuance of the illegal prescriptions and/or the money received as a result of the sale of the fraudulently obtained Xanax was shared with Dr. Miller,” details the report.

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