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Two More Illegal Opioid Distributors Land On Santa’s Naughty List

With December now here, we imagine that Santa Claus and his entire North Pole crew are harder at work than ever preparing toys for boys and girls all across the world. Those on the “nice list” are certainly in for a big treat three weeks from now. Those on the “naughty list”, however, may have to contend with some coal in their stockings. Should this legend hold true, 43 year-old, Timothy W. Forester is in for a very less than Merry Christmas.

As reported by the Western District of Columbia branch of the United States Department of Justice yesterday, Forester has been indicted by a federal grand jury on health care fraud charges. Already suspended from his position as a pharmacist, the Venetia, Pennsylvania-native has been charged with obtaining controlled substances by fraud, misbranding of drugs and health care fraud conspiracy.

In total, Forester left court with no less than 12 counts levied against him.

The owner of four pharmacies in Pittsburgh’s South Hills community, Forester knowingly, intentionally and illegally obtained the opioids, oxycodone and hydrocodone (which are Schedule II controlled substances) by misrepresentations, fraud and deception. The DoJ reports that these unlawful actions took place between November 14, 2018 and February 14, 2019.

“In addition, the indictment alleges that Forester placed generic drugs into empty bottles of name brand drugs and sold the drugs as if they were name brand drugs,” the report reveals, “The superseding indictment alleges that Forester conspired with others to commit health care fraud.”

Forester is currently free on a $100,000 secured bond.

However, he is facing a maximum per count sentence of four years in prison. Forester is also facing a fine of $250,000 or both for Counts 1-10. “As to Count 11, the law provides for a maximum per count sentence of 3 years in prison, a fine of $ 250,000 or both,” the DoJ further explains, “As to Count 12, the law provides for a maximum per count sentence of 10 years in prison, a fine of $250,000 or both.”

Dr. Darrel R. Rinehart has also placed himself on Santa’s naughty list.

On Monday of this week, the 64 year-old Indianapolis, Indiana resident pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful distribution of controlled substances. Rinehart is a former medical doctor who used to practice in Columbia, Tennessee.

According to a separate DoJ report, “Rinehart admitted that in January 2016 he knowingly distributed hydrocodone, a Schedule II controlled substance, to a patient who did not have any significant underlying health issues justifying such a prescription.  He further admitted to distributing Schedule II controlled substances, primarily opioids, to four different patients without a legitimate medical purpose and outside the course of professional practice on 18 other occasions between December 2014 and December 2015.”

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