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Butler Chain Living Publishes Article By Our Expert Contributor!

Allegiant Experts is very proud to announce that our President, Jessica Schmor is featured in the June 2016 edition of Butler Chain Living as an “expert contributor”! Her fantastic new article entitled “Errors In Medical Bills Can Impact Your Health – And Your Wallet!” exposes some of the problems associated with the your health plan’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Doing what she does best, Jessica exposes the truth by highlighting the difficulties often associated with reading EOB’s and medical bills.

She also underlines the fact that, all too often, we take a look at our EOB’s without properly assessing if we’re being properly billed. Understanding that it can be quite the nuisance to sift through your medical records, Jessica insists that the process is important. After all, the impact of not doing so is significant. “These records can impact your financial and physical health and healthcare for all,” she asserts.

But just how great can the impact be? Firstly, incorrect medical bills can cause patients to lose hundreds of dollars unnecessarily. Secondly, they can even impact your ability to have any coverage at all. “Over time, adding these incorrect bills to the correct ones could add up to your lifetime maximum, leading to your insurance company no longer providing coverage,” says Jessica.

What should you be looking for to ensure that your medical bills are correct? In addition to confirming that your charges are correct, it’s also important to determine if your diagnoses are accurate. The last thing in the world you want is to be treated for a condition that you don’t have. In the event of an emergency, when you can’t reveal your medical history verbally, you want to make sure that the paramedics and physicians are giving you the treatment that you need.

What can you do to keep healthcare costs down? In her new article, Jessica provides a great list of very helpful tips. She advises patients to be proactive with their health records and keep lists of all the appointments that they make with their doctors. These lists should include what was done and what treatments, if any, were performed. It’s also important to review your Explanation of Benefits as soon as you receive them.

Jessica also advises her readers to seek the many sources of help that are out there. “All health insurance plans have customer service representatives that can help you to understand your EOB,” she writes, “If you don’t get the information you are looking for, try contacting the Special Investigative Unit or Fraud Hotline. Even if it is not true fraud, this department’s job is to deal with fraud, waste and abuse.”

On behalf of the entire Allegiant Experts team, we’d like to congratulate Jessica on the publishing of her latest article in Butler Chain Living. Our company’s founder has over 15 years of experience as a registered nurse, certified coder and expert witness in cases dealing with medical-legal matters and healthcare issues. Her new article is a testament to her dedication to minimizing fraud and helping Americans to get the most out of their healthcare systems.

We highly recommend that you pick up the latest edition of Butler Chain Living and give her wonderful new article a read! For more information about the clinical expert services provided by Allegiant Experts, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 407-217-5831.

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