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Calling Dr. Love

18 Year old arrested for posing as a doctor in Florida!

Malachi Love-Robinson, an 18 year old Palm Beach resident, faces charges including practicing medicine without a license.

Malichi Love-Robinsion was arrested after he was caught playing doctor more than once. Just over one year after he was caught peeping on gynecological exams at a Florida hospital, he allegedly gave a physical exam and treated an undercover officer. The teen was released on bail after being charged with practicing medicine without a license. According to the Florida Department of Health, Love-Robinson came onto the agency’s radar after receiving a tip in October that he had been practicing medicine without a license.

Interesting facts about Malachi Love-Robinson:

  1.  Posed as an OB/GYN at St. Mary’s Medical Center in January 2015. Malachi was caught pretending to be a doctor at a the St. Mary’s Medical Center in January of 2015. According to a CBS report the then 17 year old was dressed in a lab coat, wore a stethoscope and had claimed to be practicing for years.

  2. Opened his own medical practice, New Birth New Life Medical Center and Urgent Care, LLC. Malachi opened up two practice offices. According to the Sun Sentinel, in September an anonymous tip warned state officials that he was pretending to be a doctor with advanced degrees he did not have. Allegedly, Malachi was issued a cease-and-desist order as well as a fine, but he continued his clinic practices.

  3. Had an National Provider Identifier issued. In 2014, Mr. Love-Robinson applied for and received an NPI number which was deactivated on February 18th, 2016, shortly after his arrest.

  4. Posed as a physician during home visits. According to  a report by WPTV, a West Palm Beach elderly woman pressed charges claiming Malachi visited her home claiming he was a physician and diagnosed her with arthritis. Mr. Love-Robinson allegedly stole checks from her home which he then forged and cashed. According to the Sun Sentinel, Malachi was paid $3,494 for visits that he made to an the 86 year old woman’s home. In addition, he stole 3 checks totaling $2,794.

  5. Claimed to have a PhD. Malichi Love-Robinsion claimed to have a college transcript and diploma for the Southwest College of Natural Medicine and a diploma from Arizona State University, which were found to be fraudulent.

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