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Changing Focus: Encouraging America To Unite Its Different Worlds

Readers of the Allegiant Experts Blog know that our team takes its commitment to providing clinical expertise pretty seriously. Helping attorneys who are trying cases against perpetrators of health care fraud and medical misconduct is important to us. After all, these are two hugely important issues in our nation. Let it not be lost on you, however, that we recognize the many other issues that are plaguing this otherwise wonderful country of ours.

It’s no secret that we’re currently living in quite a turbulent climate. Varying political views and religious beliefs are being highlighted as top reasons for Americans to disagree with each other in ugly ways. We have a strong belief that discrimination, prejudice, bigotry and just about every other act of hatred that falls into that grouping is unacceptable. So, we’d like to take a moment to point out that a change in focus, perhaps, is what America needs.

Of course, we all have many differences. But isn’t that part of what makes America great? As a country, we’re far from boring – that’s for sure. And that can be attributed to the fact that Americans not only come in all shapes and sizes, but we possess a wide range of various talents and skills. However, the focus-shift that we’re suggesting is one that places less emphasis on our differences and a whole lot more on our similarities.

No matter our beliefs, we all really want the same things don’t we? Happiness, health, prosperity, peace, success – this is a list of wishes that is not exclusive to any one particular race, religion, sexual orientation or identified gender. These are human requirements. And since we are all human, and we all share the same basic wants and needs, wouldn’t it be more beneficial for us to work together in order to secure these wishes for each and every American?

In their recent “Worlds Apart” advertisement, Heineken demonstrates that they have the right idea. Now, don’t get us wrong. We get that, at the end of the day, this is a beer commercial. But, we must admit that Heineken has done viewers a great service by making its ad about a lot more than beer. In the eye-opening four and a half minute piece, a unique experiment is conducted.

Various groups of strangers with opposing views are brought together to work on small construction projects. There are two strangers per group – each with a diametrically opposed viewpoint from the other. But they don’t know this until they’ve already completed their assigned tasks as cooperative duos. After each duo watches a short film that includes both of the individuals divulging their true perceptions of the world, they are given the option to either have a conversation (over a cold one, of course) or leave immediately. The results are awe-inspiring.

Here, see the ad for yourself:

At Allegiant Experts, we would love it if the message sent by this new Heineken commercial could be spread throughout America. And therefore, we’re doing our part. We’re of the mind that it’s time for us all to stop pointing fingers when discussing the problems that our nation faces. Instead, let’s work together to see about resolving them. Of all people, Heineken has shown us that it is possible.

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