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I woke up early this morning and was reviewing my email regarding various news issues from the previous day, such as the passage of HB423 on controlled substance prescribing. Often times, as I am sure many do, I click on ancillary headlines that capture my attention and this morning my attention was captured by a Spotlight article by Jonathan Saltzman and Jenn Abelson, Globe Staff, from March 13, 2016. I cannot say that I even recall how I came across the link, but I do recall that the main reason I clicked on it was that I had recently watched the movie Spotlight and was interested in reading what their latest call to action was. I was fascinated to read the article regarding Tony Meng, a Westwood father of two, who developed complications status post a spinal surgery which was performed by a surgeon who was conducting concurrent surgeries. The Globe has several articles which have led to great debate and discussion about the topic of concurrent surgeries resulting in an evolution of medical policy and practice. It appears as though The Globe has been following this story since early 2015.  I thought I would share what I found was an absolutely fascinating Spotlight Team Report which was published in 2015. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!

See below for a few of the articles:

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