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Having A Bundle Of Joy Is Costing Americans A Bundle

Couples and individuals all over the United States are taking part in an age-old tradition that shows no signs of ever losing its popularity. It’s called making a baby. And while most Americans dream of expanding their families from early ages, it just so happens to be one of the most expensive things you can do. Such a statement may not come as a surprise to most. But do you know how much it costs to have a baby in the U.S.?

The answer actually depends on where in the United States you are living. As Glenwood Barbee of Castlight Health reported at the end of June, it is incredibly costly no matter where you live. However, it is certainly more costly from some than others. Barbee points out that his new Costliest Babies study found that residents of the Bay Area seem to be hit pretty hard when bringing babies into the world.

He lists California’s Sacramento and San Francisco as the top two most expensive cities in America to have a baby. This is true whether new mothers are having either vaginal or caesarean deliveries. Of the 30 largest cities in the United States, they rank #1 and #2. Routine vaginal deliveries cost Sacramento residents an average price of $15,420 while caesarean deliveries run Sacramentans a whopping $27,067 each.

That’s compared to $15,204 and $21,799 respectively for San Fransicans. So which of the 30 largest cities in the United States is the least expensive for having a baby? The award goes to Kansas City, Missouri. The average price of having a routine vaginal delivery is $6,075. For caesarean deliveries, that price jumps to $8,032. It should be noted, however, that Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania averages the least expensive c-sections at an average of $6,981 a pop.

Barbee also reports that the biggest discrepancy in price for routine vaginal deliveries in one city is an incredible $23,103. He writes that the widest range between minimum price ($4,223) and maximum price ($27,326) was observed in Los Angeles, California. That’s a difference of six times. There is a difference of seven times when it comes to C-sections. Average prices in L.A. range from $6,232 to (get this) $42,530!

“These results underscore the need for employers to engage their employees in better health decision-making,” writes Barbee, remarking on Castlight Health’s health benefit platform which encourages Americans to properly manage their healthcare expenses. Needless to say, having a baby in a major American city is a costly endeavour. It is certainly incumbent upon all would-be parents to plan wisely.

This is especially true for residents of Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Portland, Indianapolis, Miami, New York City, Seattle and Boston that round out the top 10 most expensive major American cities to have routine vaginal deliveries. The caesarean delivery list differs only with Denver, Los Angeles and San Diego replacing Boston, Miami and Indianapolis in the top 10.

While the costs of having babies are clearly quite hefty throughout the United States, the Allegiant Experts team certainly hopes that the costs match the quality of care given to patients. We know, however, that this isn’t always the case. If you have any questions about how our team of clinical experts can assist you with any litigation concerning our healthcare system, please don’t hesitate to call us and ask them. You can contact us at 407-217-5831.

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