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Insurance Fraudsters Are Among America’s Most Wanted

Readers of the Allegiant Experts Blog are very well aware of the extensive coverage we do of health insurance fraud cases in the United States. Sadly, insurance fraud is one of the most costly crimes in our country. And, as a result, hefty fines and lengthy prison terms have often become the end results for those who perpetrate such crimes.

Our blog has highlighted many of the health insurance fraud investigations, cases and convictions that have taken place in our nation over the past few years. And notably, each story involves individuals who have either been taken into custody or showed up in court to have their sentences handed down. However, as Jenni Bergal points out on, not every fraudster makes his/her court appearance.

In her recent article, she explains that the high stakes nature of insurance fraud cases place perpetrators on a “most wanted” list when they don’t show up in court. This was the case for Leandre Garner of Tacoma, Washington – an individual who made the mistake of filing a $4,000 insurance claim for his 2007 Chrysler 300 a day after signing up for the insurance.

Garner’s car, according the report, was damaged before the insurance was taken out. And, as a result, he was charged with filing a false insurance claim. The accused decided to flee the state instead of making his court appearance. That was enough to place him on the Washington state insurance department’s “most wanted” list. It’s a list that features the names and photos of fraudsters who skip their court appearances.

Thanks to this list, Garner was arrested in California three years later. Back in the state of Washington, he pleaded guilty to his fraud charge and was sentenced to two years’ probation and time served. State insurance officials feel that the most wanted list provides a lot of assistance in bringing fraudsters to justice, just as the FBI’s most wanted list does for dangerous criminals.

Mark Couey is the director of the Washington state insurance department’s criminal investigations unit. “We’ve found that having a most wanted list generates tips and educates the public about our fraud fighting mission,” he is quoted as saying in Bergal’s article, “We’re not trying to make people feel ashamed. We’re trying to bring them to justice, hold them accountable and create a deterrent effect.”

At Allegiant Experts, we’re happy to know that such most wanted lists include the names of those who perpetrate health insurance fraud. Bergal writes that the lists go after individuals who commit all types of fraud. Everything from “submitting false disability claims to faking accidents or injuries to phony contractor repair scams aimed at disaster victims, such as those devastated by the recent hurricanes” are reasons why a person may be listed.

As mentioned earlier, insurance fraud is one of America’s most costly crimes. It’s one of the top reasons the clinical experts at Allegiant Experts work so closely with attorneys who are looking for assistance during their insurance fraud cases. Among our many services, we review claim submissions and medical records and can also act as expert witnesses, if necessary.

For more information about how we may be able to help you with your health insurance fraud case, please don’t hesitate to call us at 407-217-5831 or email us at

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