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Nurse Coding Consultant Uses her Medical and Coding Knowledge to Educate Others

New Consulting Practice Serves Central Florida Legal Community

Windermere, Florida:May 6, 2016– Allegiant Experts, LLC has launched Windermere’s first independent legal nurse consulting practice to help attorneys successfully navigate the complex medical issues found in medical-related cases. Founded by Legal Nurse Consultant, Jessica Schmor, RN, CPC, CCS, CHCAF, AHFI, CLNC and certified ICD-10 trainer, Allegiant Experts provides services designed to save attorneys time and money.

“While attorneys are experts on legal issues, Allegiant Experts provides experts on medical and nursing practice as well as the health care system.” says Jessica Schmor, President. “Allegiant Experts organizes and interprets the large quantity of befuddling medical records involved in a medical-related cases for attorneys and investigators.”

Allegiant Experts, LLC are primarily educators.  Often times, a legal nurse consultant is the only person on the legal team looking at the medical records and, as such, often plays an important role in identifying the medical issues. While legal nurse consultants generally work with attorneys, they also work with clients, judges and juries to interpret and present complex medical issues in an understandable way.

Allegiant Experts also supports clients by screening cases for merit, reviewing billing and coding records and supporting the attorney with discovery and trial preparation. “My 15 years of nursing experience and 7 years of coding, billing and investigation experience have granted me an understanding of how the healthcare system works,” Schmor explains, “This insider knowledge allows me to assist my clients in navigating the regulations, and medical issues in many types of medical-legal cases, from personal injury to medical practice to criminal.”

Schmor also commented that her access to a nationwide network of healthcare colleagues who can provide additional expertise is often needed in today’s complex medical litigation. She has been qualified as an expert, herself, as noted in a (denied) motion to strike her expert testimony in January of 2014. Schmor continued by stating that, “I find it very rewarding to mentor new experts and support them in sharing their expert knowledge and testimony clearly and efficiently.”

While Allegiant Experts’ office is located in Windermere, Florida, Schmor works with attorneys throughout the United States. Schmor received her CLNC® Certification from the Vickie Milazzo Institute, the nation’s oldest and largest legal nurse consulting education company.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Jessica Schmor at 407.217.5831, email at or visit

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