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Respecting Gender Pronouns Is A Big Part Of Our Values

Anyone who works in an office environment regularly responds to emails and returns phone messages from people they don’t know. Whether using formal or casual language, we are often forced to presume the proper pronouns and associated salutations to utilize, based upon the name given. In some cases, it is not clear which set of pronouns to reach for; the person could have a name from an unfamiliar language or culture, for instance. But pronouns are rooted in more than just culture – they speak to the core of our identity.

We believe that everyone has the right to self-determination and that a basic tenant of respect is using each person’s correct name and pronouns. In an effort to foster change, in addition to improving respectful and efficient communication, Allegiant Experts is taking proactive actions to facilitate a more inclusive environment for everyone and have decided to add pronouns to our company signatures.

Gender pronouns, the “he” or “she” in a sentence, are almost invisible in everyday English, but yet they define how we establish our rights and identities. For such small words that say so much about us, but yet we have traditionally given them so little thought.

Gender identity is typically based on the assumption that genitalia (sex) equals gender (identity); since many individuals (cisgender) agree that their gender identity matches their sex, they never have to declare what pronouns identify them personally. However, we are increasingly aware that many people do not easily self-identify with the gender assigned (transgender) or see themselves on a more fluid gender spectrum (nonbinary).

Dropping the traditional he or she can make a big difference in offering a sense of validation and “being seen” to a trans or nonbinary person. We believe that by normalizing pronoun declarations in our written communication, we contribute to an environment where individuals can self-declare their identity without negative consequences, and we can all be seen and heard.

One of Allegiant Experts’ core values is respect – we embrace the human condition and our diversity with the awareness that a healthy, responsive, and inclusive environment affirms and transforms us all. With that comes promoting an environment devoid of passing judgment on any individual based on their race, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, or physical appearance. As part of our commitment to our core values, we will be supporting the following organizations this year:

To learn more about understanding gender pronouns, please take a few minutes to view “Gender Identity and Pronouns - What Will You Teach The World?”

We also encourage you to visit the Allegiant Experts “Our Values” page for more information about how much we value respect. And, as always, to contact our team directly, please don’t hesitate to call 407-217-5831 or email us

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