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Victims Of Larry Nassar Want Former Coaches To Be Charged

There’s a part of us that wants to have nothing to do with Larry Nassar. Completely wiping his name from the Allegiant Experts website would, in a sense, dispose of the ugliness he has brought to this world. But, in reality, exposing Larry Nassar for the monster he is comes with the territory of fighting for justice for all those who have been affected by medical misconduct and sexual abuse at the hands of trusted physicians.

With that said, the story of Larry Nassar is not going away any time soon. And in the interest of justice continuing to be served, there is a calling for more charges to be laid against those who either assisted Nassar or knowingly hid their knowledge of his horrendous actions. Nassar, of course, is currently serving his 40 to 175 year prison sentence for sexually assaulting young women who trusted him as their physician during their time as gymnasts for either Team USA or Michigan State University.

Nassar’s victims want the Karolyis to be charged.

As Jean Casarez and Tony Marco report for CNN, those victims are also calling for charges to be filed against Martha and Bela Karolyi. The couple ran the Karolyi Ranch in Houston, Texas. In 2001, the site became the US Women’s National Team Training Center. It also served as a US Olympic Training site in 2011.

According to the report, the Karolyis turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse being committed by Nassar while at the ranch. The allegations stem from the fact that, in a sworn deposition, Martha Karolyi said under oath that she learned about a molestation complaint involving Nassar in June of 2015. It was reported to her by Steve Penny, the former CEO of USA Gymnastics who resigned last year amid the sexual abuse scandal.

The Karolyis launched their own lawsuit.

After Nassar was arrested on child pornography charges, the Karolyis received word from USA Gymnastics that it would terminate the purchase and sale agreement of their ranch. They responded by suing USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic Committee for cancelling the purchase and breaching their contract. Attorney John Manly responded by calling the suit “shameful” and an “insult” to the gymnasts molested by Nassar.

Earlier today in Austin, Texas, former US National Team gymnast, Jeanette Antolin spoke at press conference. “As a survivor, it’s extremely disheartening to have to stand in front of you guys and explain why it’s important to protect little girls,” she told the audience, “I feel like (female gymnasts) don’t get the same attention as a male sport which makes me very angry. So now we have to come and do press conferences to call for the state of Texas to actually do something.”

Coverage of today’s press conference was made available on CNN’s website as part of an update written by Jean Casarez, Emanuella Grinberg and Tony Marco. In the update, the trio explain that the Texas Rangers are leading a very active investigation into possible misconduct at the ranch. Prosecutor Stephanie Stroud of the Walker County District Attorney’s Office believes that evidence will be brought before a grand jury before the end of the summer.

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