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Chicago Chiropractor Guilty Of Bilking Health Care Benefit Programs Out Of Millions

There are a lot of Americans who strongly believe in chiropractic care. Many have reported experiencing vast improvements in their health thanks to their decisions to switch from the advice of medical doctors who prescribe drugs to the adjustments provided by chiropractors who champion the concept of strengthening the immune system from within.

Chiropractors, it appears, are growing their reputations amongst the American public. Sadly, not all chiropractors are helping the cause. Enrique “Henry” Posada is one of them. The 55 year-old Chicago-based chiropractor was recently found guilty on 18 counts of health care fraud totaling about $10 million in false insurance claims. As reported by Katherine Rosenberg-Douglas in the Chicago Tribune, Posada has been submitting false insurance claims for nearly a decade.

Posada, a licensed chiropractor for over two decades, owned Associated Back Care and Rehabilitation (ABC for short). His charges stem from his presentation of false inventories to insurance companies including Medicare, Cigna, Independence Blue Cross, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, National Association of Letter Carriers and Humana. Posada continually sought insurance money for services that he never provided.

The disgraced chiropractor didn’t just falsify the types of services he provided in his claims. He also lied about when the services were being performed. As Rosenberg-Douglas explains, Posada’s indictment noted that he submitted false claims to an insurance company for services that were provided in the state of Illinois on dates when he wasn’t even in the state.

She quotes the indictment directly: “Posada, at times, used the names and identifying information of certain individuals, including patients without their knowledge or authorization, and caused the creation of fraudulent claims submitted by ABC to health care benefit programs.”

Rosenberg-Douglas also explains that Posada enjoyed quite the lifestyle thanks to the money he illegally received from health insurance programs. He deposited his fraudulent earnings in a bank account for Spine Clinics of America S.C. – the parent company of ABC. “Of the money fraudulently obtained, officials allege he then used at least $5 million on personal purchases,” she informs.

As part of his indictment, Posada is required to forfeit to the United States any property that he purchased using the money he illegally obtained through his fraudulent scheme. The amounts total more than $5 million plus $850,000 in cashier checks. In addition, Posada must also forfeit a 2013 Lexus and a house in Watseka, Illinois.

“Records show that Posada’s most recent chiropractor’s license was set to expire at the end of July of this year,” continues Rosenberg-Douglas, “According to FBI spokesman Garrett Croon, it’s not clear whether Posada was prevented from extending his license as a result of the indictment. Croon said Posada is expected to be sentenced at a court appearance in February of next year.”

Jail time is also looming for Posada. Health care fraud is punishable by as many as 10 years in prison, Rosenberg-Douglas reminds us. At Allegiant Experts, we offer clinical expert services to help attorneys in their cases that deal with health insurance fraud, such as this one. For more information about how we may be able to help you with your case, please don’t hesitate to call us at 407-217-5831 or email us at

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