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Finding Ways To Celebrate Passover And Easter While Self-Isolating

With Passover having started last night and running until Thursday of next week and Easter taking place this weekend, this is a very special time of year. However, this particular year will have celebrations unlike any we’ve seen before. As a result, we figured we should post a blog unlike any we’ve posted before.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic is forcing the vast majority of us to remain at home and not gather in big groups for special dinners the way we normally would. The impact of COVID-19 will most definitely be felt all weekend long.

Nevertheless, on behalf of the entire Allegiant Experts team, we would like to extend our best wishes to everyone celebrating Passover and Easter this weekend. In this week’s blog, we’d like to offer a few suggestions for how to celebrate your tradition while self-isolating without your family members and friends.

Support a local restaurant.

Without the need for ample servings of food that you’d usually prepare for your Passover Seder or Easter dinner, you don’t need to exhaust your grocery bill. Instead, support a local restaurant by ordering your holiday meal from it. It creates a win-win situation. Undoubtedly, the restaurant is in need of your support during this tough time. And ordering in certainly saves you from a major clean up after eating.

“If you typically go out for Easter brunch or dinner—or head to Grandma’s for her Easter specialties—don’t take it upon yourself to cook a multi-course meal,” encourages Lauren Phillips on, “Call around to see if any restaurants are offering a to-go or delivery special for Easter meals. (Chances are, at least one place is.) Place your order a few days in advance so the restaurant is prepared and get ready to enjoy your meal with minimal prep or stress on your part.”

Donate to a local charity.

The money you would have spent on your elaborate Passover Seder or Easter dinner can be put to better use by placing it in the hands of those who need it the most. We’re all feeling the brunt of this pandemic. But, arguably, no one is facing tougher challenges than those who don’t have a home to stay isolated within. Consider donating to a local charity to help ease the burdens faced by those less fortunate.

“Easter is a time to give back with acts of kindness to those in need and donations to charities that serve them,” writes Sharon Boorstin of the Los Angeles Times, “This year consider supporting one of the nonprofit organizations helping with COVID-19 relief efforts. With so many suffering, it is also a time to recount all that we are grateful for.”

Don’t skip on games for the kids.

Playing “Hide The Matzah” and conducting Easter egg hunts are popular traditions at this time of year. Although you may not have a gathering of children to participate in these fun activities, the games should still be played!

“Focus on games—beyond the egg hunt—your family can play together, such as guess the number of jelly beans or Easter egg basketball, even if you only have one or two kids in the family,” suggests Phillips, “For older kids, consider giving your favorite family games an Easter spin: Play Scrabble with all Easter- or spring-themed words, for example.

Have a wonderful holiday long weekend everyone. Stay safe!

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