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Texas Pharmacist Found Guilty Of Health Care Fraud Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

You certainly don’t need this week’s blog to inform you about the fact that the coronavirus is now a worldwide pandemic, as determined by the World Health Organization. Just one week ago, we noted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had confirmed 130 cases of COVID-19 in the United States. Today, that number stands at 1,215 cases with 36 having resulted in death. We’re heartbroken, as is the rest of our nation.

With such people as Hollywood film actor, Tom Hanks and Utah Jazz basketball player, Rudy Gobert being diagnosed with the coronavirus last night, it appears as if today, we’ve all woken up in a different America. The NBA immediately suspended its season and the NHL and MLB quickly followed suit. Our world is changing. It’s our hope, of course, that these major precautions will change the world for the better.

We all need to do our part in stopping the spread of infection.

We find it necessary to remind you about the extreme importance of doing your part in preventing the spread of any and all infections. 1. Thoroughly wash your hands with warm water and soap for, at least, 20 seconds regularly. 2. Be sure to cover your mouth any time you cough or sneeze. 3. Sanitize your work and living spaces as well.

Of course, the team, here at Allegiant Experts, remains mindful of our tasks and commitments as clinical experts. The coronavirus, thus far, hasn’t prevented the need for justice to be served when health care fraud is being committed. As reported by the United States Department of Justice yesterday, a federal jury in Houston, Texas has found a 75 year-old pharmacist guilty of health care fraud, wire fraud and money laundering.

George Phillip Tompkins was found guilty on all charges.

According to the report, after a six-day trial, George Phillip Tompkins was convicted on all charges. They include one count each of conspiracy to pay and receive kickbacks, conspiracy to commit health care fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering as well as 11 counts of health care fraud and three counts of wire fraud.

“According to evidence presented at trial, Tompkins and others billed the federal government approximately $21.8 million for medically unnecessary compound gels and creams that were predicated on illegal kickback payments,” reports the DoJ.

Anoop Chaturvedi was a co-conspirator.

Along with Tompkins, 48 year-old Anoop Chaturvedi created a scheme to generate compounded pain cream prescriptions and bill health care programs for injured state and federal employees. Together, the duo created a separate entity called Wellington Advisors and used it to receive the program money from the Department of Labor (DOL) – Office of Workers Compensation Programs and Federal Employees Compensation Act.

As the DoJ report details, “evidence introduced at trial showed that Tompkins sought to disguise illicit kickback payments as legitimate “marketing” expenses and continued to ship patients compound gels and creams even after patients repeatedly complained they did not want them.”

Tompkins’ wife Marene Kathryn Tompkins pleaded guilty in January 2020 to one count of conspiracy to pay kickbacks and is also awaiting sentencing. Chaturvedi is currently on the lam. He is a fugitive and a warrant remains outstanding for his arrest in connection with the charges.

Are you an attorney who is currently trying a health care fraud case?

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